Columns Concrete Pdf
All our stock products are in AUTO CAD format and a disk is available upon your request. Our drawings can be sent by email, or one of our company representatives will be pleased to deliver a disk and explain all about our products.Click here for installation instructions

Ordering of columns

  1. Orders for columns should be placed timeously
  2. Caps, bases & shafts are supplied separately
  4. Columns may vary by 20% due to manufacturing
  5. Prices quoted include caps and bases.


All columns are reinforced with 4 bars of re-bar and depending on the lengthand thickness of shaft, Y8 or Y10 are used. Should you require any special reinforcingdetail, we would be more that happy to discuss it with your engineers.

Installation of columns

We assume that the correct foundations have been prepared and all outside factors taken in.Steel rods should be cast into the foundation and positioned so as to pass through the hole inthe precast base. (The base must be lifted should both a screed & tiling be required at a later stage).A mixture of 1 part cement, ½ part tile adhesive & 2 parts crusher sand by volume is used to seatthe base. The hole in the base must not be filled. Wait 24 hours before placing the shaft in position. Shaft First fill base hole with a strong concrete mix, place the shaft on top of the base with the re-barsof the shaft passing into the base. The shaft at this stage must be plumbed, wedged, supported andleft to stand for 24 hours. Then cast the cap in position with the rebar passing through the hole and fillwith concrete, allow the column to stand for 10 days.


The above information is only a guide as how to install columns. Modcon can not be held responsible forany installation unless undertaken by an accredited Modcon installing agent.