Why precast concrete

Precast concrete products can withstand the most extreme weather conditions and will hold up for many decades of constant usage

Precast concrete building components and site amenities are used architecturally as bollardcolumns, coping, domes ,fireplace mantels, Gulley, paving slabs, pier caps, cladding, trim products,  water channels, accessories and curtain walls. Structural applications of precast concrete include foundations, beams, floors, walls and other structural components


Reinforcing concrete with steel improves strength and durability. On its own, concrete has good compressive strength, but lacks tension and shear strength and can be subject to cracking when bearing loads for long periods of time. Steel offers high tension and shear strength to make up for what concrete lacks. Steel behaves similarly to concrete in changing environments, which means it will shrink and expand with concrete, helping avoid cracking.

Rebar is the most common form of concrete reinforcement. It is typically made from steel, manufactured with ribbing to bond with concrete as it cures. Rebar is versatile enough to be bent or assembled to support the shape of any concrete structure. Carbon steel is the most common rebar material. However, please take note that our standard prices are based on carbon steel but stainless steel, galvanized steel, and epoxy coatings can can be used but this will add to the price.


Modcon was established in 1955 by Maurice Stiller and located in Kew JHB and started with the manufacturing of terrazzo and concrete products for the building industry.

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Terms & Conditions

    1. a)  All orders placed require a 100% deposit on confirmation of order. The balance to be paid in full prior to delivery.
    2. b)  Production of goods will only be started once payment has been cleared through the bank, whether internet (2days), cheque (7 days) payment made.
    3. c)  If credit facilities have been arranged, payment at net invoice is due 30 days from date of invoice.
    4. d)  Credit card facilities are available at the above premises and mobile for site payments.
    5. e)  Post dated cheques are not acceptable.
    6. f)  Clients will be held liable for bank charges on cheques returned unpaid.
    7. g)  A 30% handling fee will be levied on all good returned in good selling order. If not in good order we will not accept. +Standard delivery rates apply on collections.
    8. h)  Good specially manufactured are not refundable.
    9. i)  We reserve the right not to accept returns.
    10. j)  Standard delivery rates apply on all deliveries.
    11. k)  Failure to pay for goods by the due date entitles Modcon Precast to collect and remove from site. (Without having to obtain a court order).
    12. l)  On all orders placed the onuses in on the client to fax or email orders and proof of payment to Modcon Precast to enable us to start production.
    13. m)  All payments made please refer to your Quote number as reference.
    14. n)  NO CASH REFUNDS
    1. a)  Are valid for 14 days only
    2. b)  Specials can only be quoted by management
    3. c)  No Warranty of guarantee is given on goods purchased. All responsibly in the manner and purpose of its usage is with the purchaser
    4. d)  Manufacture dates will be supplied by Management only.
    5. e) Paying on the quotation is accepting the quotation terms and conditions and verifying that the quantities are right that you are paying on

Accepting one of our official quotes and making payment on the quote or invoice, will mean that you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

We have standard sizes which are to be found in our catalogue. Our codes are related to specific sizes for that particular product, any changes made to specific items will be regarded as a special and not a standard item which, will also not relate to the standard code or price.

Should you require any changes to these sizes, which are then manufactured and sent to site and they are found to be incorrectly ordered by yourselves. They can not be returned or credit passed.

Should we get a request for the same item, we will try and negotiate a fair price. There will be a charge for handling and credit passed only on the approved undamaged pieces.

Goods paid for must be collected within 60 days of completing the manufacturing thereof. If not the goods will be sold to defray costs.

Where delivery has been paid for and there is a delay requested by site regarding delivering for whatever reason and if no arrangements have been made and confirmed by management. Goods will be sold after 60 days of the original requested delivery date.

    1. a)  Goods will not be delivered unless payment received in full
    2. b)  All risks and responsibilities are for buyer upon delivery
    3. c)  Delivery crew will not install or assemble goods purchased
    4. d)  No goods will be placed indoors. If client requests indoor delivery this is at clients risk and Modcon Precast will not be held liable for breakages and or damages to property.
    5. e)  Goods delivered will be off loaded 3 to 5meters away from the truck only, unless prior arrangements have been made with management.
    6. f)  Please check all quantities delivered carefully and mark any discrepancies.
    7. g)  No discrepancies will be accepted unless clearly marked on the delivery note
    8. h)  Deliveries are estimated upon receipt of order and we cannot be held liable for penalties on late deliveries (As production may have been effected by the weather, goods cannot be manufactured in the rain, and is slowed down in cold temperatures, up to date we have not encountered a problem with weather).
    9. Please note that our deliveries are scheduled a week in advanced. If deliveries are not cancelled 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date, you will be charged in full for the delivery. Unless prior arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing by a staff member at Modcon. The prior arrangements will also have to be made 24 hours in advanced.

    10. Delivery prices may fluctuate due to fuel increases or rising toll rates.
    11. For outside transport we suggest that you add 5% wastage to your order, this is due to our current road situation
    12. Thank you for your understanding

      1. For speedy collections please note that collections need to be done before 15:30 (Monday – Thursday) and before 15:00 on Fridays. Unless prior arrangements have been made.
      2. Please note that Modcon staff take tea from 10:00 – 10:30 and lunch from 12:00 – 12:45
      3. Please be sure to let us know when you are coming to collect prior to collection, preferably 1 day in advance. So that we can bring your product to the loading area to avoid any delays.
      4. Any walk in customer will have to wait until their product is brought out to the loading area, which might cause a delay, all depending on how many customers in front of them. It is based on a first come first served or prior arrangements.
      5. Modcon can not be held reliable for any damages due to negligance whilst loading.
      6. Goods not collected on given date will be subjected to storage costs from time of collection date. are sold to defray cost
      7. Please make sure we are advised 24 hours in advance of your collections as unannounced arrivals could be subject to loading delays.
      • Should your walls be out of plumb or level, extra will be charged should we have to correct it, or down time shall be charged while we wait to have it corrected.
      • All power, scaffolding, raw material decorating and should any scaffolding equipment be required, these are to be supplied by others.
      • A dedicated power point must be supplied – not beyond 30m from the working area.
      • Waterproofing and specialized jointing i.e. polysulphide and any specialized jointing by others, all care will be taken when instructed to do an installation on top of waterproofing but we are not responsible for any damage thereof.
      • All site instructions must be given in writing before any of the instructed work is begun, should this hold up work in this area downtime to be charged and penalties are not applicable.
      • We do not accept responsibility for goods installed incorrectly due to you having given incorrect instructions
      • Datum lines must be given by the site and clearly marked, signed and dated.

      h)  We cannot be held responsible for incorrect instructions given

      1. i) If any extras are ordered and time delays are incurred, we cannot be held responsible for penalties.
      1. j) Should there be any variations to the original quote incurring extra material and work, this will be subject to a revision of pricing.
      1. k) Goods damaged by others once installed and requiring remedial work will be charged to the main contractor accordingly irrespective of who damaged the goods.
      1. l) Under no circumstances whatsoever shall Modcon Precast be liable for consequential damages sustained by the client or any person due to negligence or miss care of the products supplied or installed
      1. m)No work will be undertaken on scaffolding that does not have a clearance certificate by a certified scaffolding company representative.
      1. n) No work will be undertaken unless the proper safety regulations are adhered to.
      1. o)No goods will be supplied and or work started unless all pages are initialed, completed and signed below.
      1. p) Should the installed section have to be removed due to changes from the plan charges will be incurred for removal plus replacement, downtime and replacement of damaged goods whilst being removed and all care will be taken whilst removing.

Thank you for understanding our terms and conditions please note that there are more than one version of our terms and conditions but this one on this page is the live one